Bonjour Gators! Exploring the Dino Lingo Language Program

I always wanted to learn French with my Grandmother. Growing up in Nova Scotia, French was her first language. She would teach me words here and there, but as the years went by we never sat down to really learn it, something I regret to this day. So when the opportunity came up to partner with Dino Lingo, I embraced it. Lily can learn a new language and about her heritage, but I will get to learn as well! Living in Florida, some would think I would’ve chosen the Spanish set. My hubby’s side of the family has some Spanish speakers, so I am thinking she will pick up some español as she grows anyways! Girl, I am prepping you to be president of your high school’s Foreign Language Honor Society 😉 Keep reading for a special offer from Dino Lingo!

The Language Set

We received our language set and I was impressed with all that was included. DVDs, flash cards, colorful posters and even an orange Dino make this a really fun, interactive program for kids. The French set actually won a Mom’s Best Award last year, and Dino Lingo comes highly recommended on review sites. I knew we would love it!

Dino Lingo sets come packaged nicely.

The set comes packaged nicely! Easy to gift wrap if you plan on giving as a gift.

Dino Lingo Sets

Dino Lingo Sets include DVDs, flash cards, a music CD, colorful posters, and of course, a Dino!

Dino Lingo sets include supporting materials.

Dino Lingo Sets come with colorful posters, a progress chart, stickers, workbooks and more.

Learning the Lingo with DVDs

Learning cat in French with Dino Lingo

Bonjour Dino Lingo! Lily checking out the DVD and learning how to say cat in French. Perfect since we have 2 of them!

We sat down to watch the DVD and Lily was immediately involved. Pointing at the screen, making noises, and paying attention. She even danced a little with the music. I set it up on the laptop, but she was getting so excited, she kept hitting the keyboard! I am thinking we will have to watch it on the TV or find a way to put it on a tablet.

The Dino Lingo DVDs are very interactive and captivating.

The Dino Lingo DVDs are very interactive and captivating–even for an active 14 month old.

Language immersion with Supplemental Materials

The materials we received definitely help with Dino Lingo’s immersive teaching techniques. This incorporation of play and storytelling in the program encourages children to start speaking it almost immediately, and if Lily were fully talking yet, I bet she would! She was captivated and I could tell she recognized the same images from the DVD to the flash cards to the posters. You can begin teaching language as early as 6 months, since language skills develop from birth. Dino Lingo recommends about 10-20 minutes a day for children under 2.

Learning French with Dino Lingo

Lily learning about food items. Of course she loves the cupcake or gâteau.

Dino Lingo comes with Flash Cards.

Dino Lingo comes with Flash Cards. Lily is already loving these!

Why Dino Lingo?

Dino Lingo is a Florida-based business and offers over 40 different language sets to choose from. They support public media like PBS, which I can definitely get behind.

Studies show children who learn a second language at an early age have a greater chance of succeeding with reading, vocabulary, and writing. The world is a bit smaller now with the internet, social media and a changing business landscape. Learning another language is definitely a benefit that will help kids down the road.

This week was the perfect one to start Dino Lingo for us, as Lily just started speaking a few new words each day! We are excited to add some French ones to her vocabulary.

And for Gator fans and Grow Gators readers, Dino Lingo is offering a Free Lesson in your choice of language! Get your FREE LESSON now and help your child learn a new language. I just hope Lily remembers how she was able to learn French and when she studies abroad with UF in Paris some day, she’ll let me visit 😉

Starting French lessons at 14 months with Dino Lingo

Starting French lessons at 14 months with Dino Lingo.

 dino-lingo-setNote: Although I received free products from Dino Lingo (sponsored), all opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you decide to purchase Dino Lingo, I receive a commission.

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