Goodie Goodie is Perfect for Little Gators

Goodie Goodie app is a MUST HAVE kids app! This organizational,  motivational, and rewards app is perfect for your littles to keep track digitally of their to dos AND it’s FREE to download! This app reminds me of a feature from my favorite book series, Harry Potter, when the kids would earn points for tasks they did at school… but all they got was the House  Cup at the end…no gift cards were given at Hogwarts!

goodiebagBasically, parents go into the app and set up chores/goals, or in this case G Missions. Once kids complete their G Missions, parents can reward them with points. Points are visually represented as “goodies” in a virtual goodie bag. Kids can choose from virtual candy, cookies, and other sweet treats to fill their bags. Once accumulated, kids then turn points into eGift Cards to popular retailers like Toys R Us, Build A Bear Workshop, Gap, and over 30 others.

This app goes beyond chores though! Set up goals for your kids like no cavities on their next dentist visit or striving for an A in math class. Once achieved, reward your kids with points.

How Goodie Goodie App Works

Once you set G Missions, they automatically sync to your child’s tablet or smartphone.  You can set a due date, frequency, and even leave specific instructions for each G Mission. Once your child completes their G Mission, he/she will send it back to you for approval. Once enough points are earned, your child can either redeem them for eGift cards to their favorite brands or for custom rewards created by you.

Download Goodie Goodie

giftcardWhen you download Goodie Goodie app before April 4 you’ll be automatically entered to win 1 of 40 eGift Cards worth $25 to your favorite brand. AND if that wasn’t cool enough, every time you redeem points for an eGift card, Goodie Goodie donates a portion of the proceeds to Do Something! Learn more on their website.

Goodie Goodie is currently available on iOS, but is coming soon to Android. Again, it’s free to download, and there’s no pre-paying of points/rewards— just an all-around great app!

I joke that I need this app for my husband, but other couples ARE using it! Set up a honey-do list and as your spouse checks off completed items, the points will rack up! Use them to get an eGift Card to AMC theatres…perfect for date night!


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