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We took a day trip to Gainesville yesterday so I could visit the annual O’Connell Center craft festival. Jesse took Lily for a stroll on campus while Mama shopped. His Daddy/Daughter time quickly turned into “The Great Search: Finding a Place to Change a Diaper on the UF Campus.”

He went into several restrooms at the Reitz Union, and finally discovered the only place he could change her besides sitting down on the floor somewhere, was the Family Restroom located on the second floor.  Later, he strolled towards the Hub and she needed another diaper change (she hates to be even a little wet)! None of the facilities there had a changing station for him to use. The Info Desk outside suggested the University Auditorium which apparently had a family restroom. So Jesse and Lily headed that way, but to their dismay, the doors were locked since it was the weekend. “I could see the restroom through the door! So frustrating,” he later told me as I met up with them again once my Gator retail needs were satisfied. He ended up changing her back at our car (thank goodness for the fold-down front seat in our Saturn SUV).

So… a new resource on this site has been born. If you’re heading to UF with your baby, check out our Diaper Changing Locator to find out what restrooms on campus cater to visitors with babies.

Where is the strangest place you have had to change baby’s diaper?

If you would like to help populate the list, please contact me with the changing table location.


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